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The Miaverse or Judge Mia Universe (JMU) is the name used to encompass the entire fictional canonical body featuring the world that Judge Mia, Monkeytown, Postcards from Buck, and The Bananomanomans take place in.

Traits of the MiaverseEdit

The Miaverse appears to take place on an alternate Earth, with mostly different nations and land masses (however, Asia is the only real-world place that has been mentioned within the Miaverse). All animals (including humans) can speak and many are humanoid. There is yet to be seen any wildlife or pets that suggest the existence of non-humanoid beings in the Miaverse. The only living beings seen that have not been granted personhood are plants, such as the Mighty Oak.

Other than the borders and inhabitants, Miaverse Earth seems to operate and function just as the real Earth.