Template:Toppage/ActorMama Mia Capapasosa Redford[1] (formerly Mama Mia von Kingsbury[2]) is a actress, writer, and judge living in Samutropolis. She is known for being the creator of Judge Mia, a massively successful reality courtroom series.


"Mama Mia Capapasosa Redford is an overweight old lady sockmonkey living in Samutropolis. She has a daughter, Matilda, a son-in-law, Murphy, and twin grandstufflings Marley and Maggie. She pursued a career in writing for 'years, her most famous works being the Enchanted Clubhouse series. Somewhere along the line she decided that being an author is really stupid, so whe went back to law school where she learned to be a judge. Today, she is a world-renound judge taking on the toughest cases. She was eventually granted her own reality drama comedy show, which is the highest rated court show ever. She's the toughest of the tough, and she always butts in and saves the 'day."[1]


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  2. Mama Mia Redford, the actress, married Monkey Joe von Kingsbury (the actor who plays Fransisco), so her last name changed to von Kingsbury. She was credited as "Mama Mia von Kingsbury" from "Bring-Your-Grandson-To-Work Day" to "Buck vs. Hipper"