In each Monkeytown episode, there is a short scene after the credits. These scenes are usually humorous, building upon a joke made in the episode. They can also finish unfinished story lines from the episode.

List of after-credits scenesEdit

Episode After-credits scene Length
"Pilot" Bradley is watching Judge Mia, the Buck's Lil' World in which Buck is involved in a car accident. Bradley laughs, remarking "It never gets old!" 0:09
"Neighborhood Barbecue" Karen and Buck are in bed, and Karen is crying. 0:04
"Work Problems" Karen performs "Run the World (Girls)" by Beyonce. 0:08
"HOA" Jasmine is standing outside the house, crying. Buck and Karen are heard arguing violently. Bradley appears next to Jasmine, and tells her: "No women outside after six." 0:17
"Sweet Sixteen" Bradley, Bruce, and Carl are seen at Year of the Monkey gossiping about Jasmine and reading their fortune cookies. 0:13
"Parents Day" Mr. Fudge is approached by Mama Petey, who tells him that she will not allow her son to attended his "feminist" school any longer. 0:25
"The Duel" Karen tries pouring boiling water on Bradley for revenge, but she accidentally drops the pot on herself. 0:17